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Two Spanish dressmakers present their collections in New York


Presenting their talent in New York was the dream of two young Spanish designers that this Sunday, finally, they saw their creations parade on one of the iconic rooftops of the city with the famous skyline in the background.

The Asturian Gabriela Rose, with her firm Paniculata, and the Catalan Paola Moletwith its eponymous brand, drew applause as it passed through ‘Flying Solo’, an emerging talent platform that showed the future of fashion from the heights of the Soho neighborhood.

“I always dreamed of parade in new york and here we are, after eight years”, A plethoric Rose, whose firm was born in 2013 with the award for the best project of her fashion studies and now has an atelier in A Coruña, told Efe.

Under the title Run It, he proposed a collection based on the concept of “slow fashion” with natural fabrics and an artisan elaboration even in the dyes, looking for the pink color in vegetables such as beets, which was predominant.

But, above all, he wanted to send a message of strength from his own experience: “Things are achieved, but you have to believe (in yourself), nobody is going to do it for you”added the young woman, who took off thanks to Isla Bonita, a fashion support program created on the Canary Island of La Palma.

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Rose, who declared herself passionate about fashion since she was a child and entered this sector first working as a hostess at events, joined a casual style with haute couture winking at the United States and Spain.

He also thought of reflecting the moment of exit from the pandemic: “We are all at home, with the point, which is super comfortable. I wanted more street, life, color, ”she pointed out.

In this sense, he proposed casual sets of jeans and a sweatshirt, and other more elevated ones, such as a purple tailored suit with feather sleeves, even a lilac cloth coat.

For her part, the Catalan Paola Molet presented a collection dedicated to Camille Claudell, remembered for being a partner of the sculptor Rodin, and to other “women artists who, due to social norms, having incredible talent, could not practice” his abilities, he explained.

“I feel lucky to be a 23-year-old woman who can show her creations here, and I want to recognize those who did not have the same opportunities”commented.

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Molet’s proposals used a palette of neutral colors and blurred the barrier between feminine and masculine with the “oversized” sweatshirt as the starsince it is defined as a “brand without gender”.

The shirt was another essential piece and a white one with puffed sleeves stood out, as well as classic garments such as trousers embellished with lace or satin linings.

The designer, who began on the 080 Barcelona catwalk, said to be excited to see “months of work” condensed in the two minutes of parade that have meant his leap out of Spain.

“Good things happen,” said Molet, who she graduated from her fashion studies in 2020, the year the pandemic broke outand that, coinciding with Rose, he advocated “fighting for dreams”.

The two defied the snow that fell today on the third day of a Fashion Week that once again bets on face-to-face fashion shows and in which it was also the protagonist Custo Barcelona.

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