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Urdangarín encourages his son Pablo and celebrates 50 years of the Palau with the Barça legends


Inaki Urdangarin returned this saturday Palau Blaugrana, taking advantage of the Asobal League match between Barca and Fraikin Granollers, and the great party to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first handball match on that stage, which was attended by Barça handball legends.

The former Spanish player occupied the second row of the Palau box, the same in which some of his former teammates at Barça were located, such as Enric Masip, now advisor to the club president Joan Laporta.

The ex-husband of infant Christina -both announced in January the end of their union after ‘Readings’ published a photo with their new partner, Ainhoa ​​Armentia, whom he met at the Imaz&Asociados law firm- has also supported his son Pablo, who has followed in his footsteps in sport. Both have talked animatedly and have posed smiling, making clear their great complicity.

After having received the probation for which the sentence of 5 years and 10 months in prison for the Nóos case is suspended, Urdangarin has gone to the sports center where his son was, concentrating on the game he had this morning. He has been happy, proud and very sociable with all the athletes and former teammates.

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ex-players quote

Urdangarin, spoke with former players and coaches before the match began, in which his son Pablo was summoned, and sat next to Demetrio Lozano and Milan Kalina. At halftime, all the former players present at the event went down to the center of the Palau Blaugrana court for a photo session.

All this on a morning that served to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first handball match at the Palau Blaugrana that was held on October 23, 1971, between Barcelona and Granollers.

From that team were present this Saturday Quico López Balcells, Carlos Eguino, Faustino Villamarín, Lluís Mestres and Ángel Rovira.

The events began with activities outside the Palau and in the Barcelona store, where legendary figures of Barça handball gathered, such as Xavi O’ Callaghan, Raúl Entrerríos, Enric Masip, Víctor Tomàs, Demetrio Lozano, Andrei Xepkin, as well as first-team player Luis Frade, now recovering from injury.

vibrant party

The party later moved inside the Palau, which hosted a show by ‘freestylers’, and where the fans displayed a Barça mosaic. Likewise, the club organized a special presentation of the players of the current handball team to commemorate the pavilion’s 50th anniversary.

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In the derby that completed the party, Barça, leader of the Handball League, beat Fraikin Granollers by 37-33 and steadily continues its path to the 12th consecutive Asobal League title.

Both Barça and Fraikin Granollers, second in the standings, tied with Bidasoa, put on quite a show, although those of Charles Ortega, with more depth on the bench, they imposed their law on those of Antonio Rama. sensational performance of Alex Gomez on the Barça side (10 goals), and Chema Marquez and Pol Valera at Granollers, with 9 and 8 goals respectively, which reaffirms them at the top of the league scoring table.

A few weeks ago, John Valentine He also supported his brother from the stands, also demonstrating the union that exists between all the brothers after the controversial images of his father with Ainhoa ​​Armentia came to light.

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