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Victorio & Lucchino already have their museum in Córdoba


The designers Victoria & Lucchino From this Thursday they have a reference center, as a sanctuary, where their followers can enjoy their creations, after the opening in Palma del Río of the Santa Clara Museum Victorio & Lucchino Foundation Space.

in the around 3,000 square meters of the former convent of Santa Claraa 16th century building recovered as a cultural space, the 2,000 pieces that the creators donated to the Palma del Río City Council in 2017 will rotateone more milestone in the process that has lasted a decade so that today it has become a reality.

The Museo Santa Clara Espacio Fundación Victorio & Lucchino aspires to join the elite of the fashion exhibition centernext to Madrid Costume Museumowned by the state, and the Balenciagafrom Guetaria, managed by a foundation.

The donation comes from the hand of Vitorio, José Víctor Rodríguez Caro, a native of Palma del Río, a town in Cordoba bordering the province of Seville and on the banks of the Guadalquivir, which has 20,910 inhabitants.

It also had to do with the friendship of the designer couple with a then “simple citizen”, as defined Carmen Baldwho for eight years had been Minister of Culture of the Junta de Andalucía, who at that time was a national deputy for Córdoba and who two years later was going to be appointed first vice president of the Government of Pedro Sanchez.

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bald push

Calvo, whose participation in the talks was essential, said the day the donation was signed that he had spent half a decade “spinning (the operation) like a tapestry.”

The Victorio & Lucchino Museum will have sixty pieces in the exhibitionon a tour of his creative pathwith dresses and accessories that extend into seven rooms about a museum project that seeks to achieve a “living, dynamic, interactive and sensory museum and proposes in its development an immersive and multisensory experience that explores the theme of design and fashion in all senses”.

This is the idea of ​​Nexo, a temporary union of companies formed by Blank Exhibitions and Proasur, which won the contest that crystallizes an operation that, as a whole, exceeds one million euros of investment, with 819,175 euros of municipal financing and 200,000 of the Cordoba Provincial Council.

“In addition to showing their work, we are lucky that the different rooms are a common thread of what the world of fashion is, from the beginning, the idea, to what is the staging on the catwalk”, has declared to EFE the Councilor for Economic Development, Culture and Tourism, Ana Belén Corredera (PSOE), the person who in the final phase has followed the project more closely.

the tour

The tour begins with a welcome at the ‘Santa Clara: historic walk through a recovered convent’, where the building is presented, inhabited by the Franciscan nuns until 1970 -its cells are now the warehouse for the pieces of the donation- and declared a Bien of Cultural Interest in 1982.

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The room ‘Victorio & Lucchino: the atelier of dreams’ is inspired by a space that the designers had in the Casa de Velázquez, in Seville, where the creative process begins.

After showing some of the outstanding covers of the history of Victorio & Lucchinothe first of its rooms is reached on the upper floor, ‘Joy of living: From Andalusia to the world’with twenty-two designs, where the iconic, the ‘prêt-à-porter’, color and joy are combined.

The contribution of designers to bridal fashion is shown in ‘Universal Girlfriends’which transits towards the dim light to address the contemplation of the latest garments, 26, in ‘Stars in the night’where evening fashion and gala dresses are.

Already in the upper choir of the convent, light relaxation is maintained to contemplate the accessories, which range from bags to jewelry, in ‘Creative Universe: Perfection is in the details’and, to close the visit, the ‘back stage’ in ‘Victorio & Lucchino: mastery in evolution’where the visitor becomes a VIP guest at a fashion show to find out what happens before enjoying a virtual catwalk.

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