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What if you could dress up with the Barcelona art scene?


It all started just before the coronavirus. Like many recent stories, that of the multidisciplinary duo Someone also part of the same point close to the pandemic. “Just before covid, we presented for the first time in Paris, in January 2020. Last year we presented the second collection in Vienna, and this Wednesday, June 1, we premiered at the Àngels Barcelona gallery ‘Porträit’, our fourth collection. In the middle there was a third, but it was during confinement, and we couldn’t expose it,” he says. Alex Gonzalezart collector and couple, also artistic, of Asier Tapiathe designer and ‘thinking head’ of the project.

“We took the name of a piece of the artist James Pitarch. Someone is an idea from which we create small collections of shirts, perfumes and limited edition objects“, says González. And the contemporary art is an important part of this adventure, both as an inspiration and through collaboration with plastic artists.

In the new job Someone has portrayed 33 artists, gallery owners and curators which represent an important part of the artistic scene of the Catalan capital. They, and all those who want to, are summoned this first of June to admire the pieces, mostly printed in cotton poplin, and others on paper, with which they have been created 30 different portrait-shirts (They are less garments than portrayed artists, because some shirts include a couple of photos, when there is a relationship between a couple, gallery owner and creator type, or if it happens that the artists are also sentimental partners). From each of the portrait-shirts have been made four units numbered and signed for someone.

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Portrayed as anonymous

The entire collection is inspired by the ‘PORTRÄIT’ series, by the German artist thomas ruff. This set of photographs, taken between 1981 and 2001, consists of portraits of people from Ruff’s immediate entourage, taken in an austere way and without representing any emotion or personality. Ruff himself explained in an interview in 2004 the meaning of his work: “I wanted to make a kind of official portrait of my generation. I wanted the photos to look like the ones in the passport, but without any other information, such as address, religion , profession or previous convictions of the subject. I did not want the police or bystanders to get information about us.”

What Someone has now tried to do with his project is to represent an important part of the Barcelona’s artistic scene, and portray its protagonists, detaching them from any preconceived idea about their work or work, just as if they were anonymous people.

Points of sale

After the exhibition, the pieces will be available for purchase at Someone’s usual points of sale: “In Barcelona, ​​at the Santa Eulàlia store [paseo de Gràcia, 93]but we also sell in Madrid, Vienna, Zurich, New York and Los Angeles”, explains Àlex.

In the Àngels gallery (Pintor Fortuny, 27), and taking advantage of the occasion, other previous works by the artistic duo will also be presented, such as their perfumes: Someone nº1 and nº2, in collaboration with the artist Asier Mendizábal. These are three serigraphs with ‘collage’ inspired by the human mass and its importance at a social and political level, since the European revolutions of the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Another very important part of the project will also be exhibited, which is the collaboration with historical European manufacturers with whom Someone has jointly created small editions of products. Among others, the scented candle created with the famous French company Duralex (carried out with the collaboration of the artist Lara Fluxà) or the folding comb which is part of a small edition created by hand in conjunction with KENTlegendary British comb manufacturer since 1777.

list of portraits

Ignasi Aballí (artist), María Alcaide (artist), David Bestué (artist), Jorge Bravo (director of the Et Hall gallery), Luz Broto (artist), Carlos Bunga (artist), Hiuwai Chu (head of exhibitions at MACBA) , Olivier Collet (director of the Joan Prats gallery), Silvia Dauder (director of the Projecte SD gallery), Bernat Daviu (artist and gallery owner), Enric Farrés Durán (artist), Lara Fluxá (artist), Regina Giménez (artist), Willem de Haan (artist), Marc Larré (artist), Pere Llobera (artist), Rafa Marcos (artist of the El Palomar collective), Martina Millá (head of programming Fundació Miró), Frederic Montornés (curator), Gabriela Moragas (co- director of the Àngels Barcelona gallery), Àngels de la Mota (gallery owner and art advisor), Rasmus Nilausen (artist), Alejandro Palacín (artist), Alberto Peral (artist), Lucía C. Pino (artist), Jaime Pitarch (artist) , Mònica Planes (artist), Àngels Ribé (artist), Pol Ricart (curator), Joana Roda (director of the Bombon Projects gallery), A ndrea Rodríguez Novoa (curator), Eulàlia Rovira (artist) and Ian Waelder (artist).

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