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Who is Andrea Sesma, Miguel Ángel Silvestre’s new girlfriend?


The actor Miguel Angel Silvestre he is one of the most sought-after golden singles in the country. At 40 years old, the protagonist of the mythical ‘Without tits there is no paradise’ has had two stable relationships, more or less long-he was with the actresses Belen Lopez and Blanca Suarez for 5 and 3 years, respectively-, and many romances.

Now, the actor has been seen kissing passionately with the ‘influencer’ Andrea Sesmawho recently turned 28, through the streets of Madrid, according to some photos published by the magazine ‘Lecturas’.

It is not known where they have met or how long they have been together. Not even if things are serious.

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It is known about her married in 2017 with the footballer Iker Muniainwith which you have two children. And although it is not known with certainty when they ended the relationship, Sesma has not shared a photo with him on her social networks for a year and a half.

It is precisely because of the social networks that it is known that Sesma is now in trip through mexico and who likes fashion, nature and gastronomy.

Since leaving the relationship with Muain, it is not known if he has had any other romances. But what is clear from the images in the magazine is that he is now starting a stage with Miguel Angel Silvestre.

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