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Who is Bastian Iglesias, Chanel’s versatile boyfriend?


Chanel Terrero has been surprised in Mallorca spending a few days off. She is the Spanish representative of Eurovision, where she has spent a few days of disconnection, but also of love, together with Bastian Iglesias, according to information from the Mallorcan newspaper ‘Última hora’.

According to this medium, the couple arrived on the island on Thursday. and have been showing signs of love and affection at all times, giving kissing and cuddling in public without worrying about the looks of others.

topless on the rocks

The artist even dared to go topless on Mondayon top of some rocks.

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But, who is Bastian Iglesias, the young man who has stolen the artist’s heart? According to the Majorcan newspaper, Iglesias is a native of Madrid born in Coslada and a multifaceted artist who sings, dances, is an actor, DJ, music producer… and creator, along with the actress Berta Váquez, from the electronics duo Museum.

In the art world, he is known by the artistic surname Afkarte and uses the alias ‘Afkar’. The first album they presented is titled ‘A Year Without You’.

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