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Who is Inmaculada Casal, María del Monte’s partner?


It took 23 years without shouting it to the four winds. But this Thursday the singer Mary of the Mountwho was heralding the acts of the Gay Pride in Sevillehas confessed in his speech that he was “one more person of all” those who were there, and has invited his partner to go on stage and join the celebration. “Never in my life have I hidden from anyone, nor will I ever do so, for love,” to cheers and applause from the large audience present.

But who is the partner and family of the tonadillera, who has “23 years protecting her”as she herself said in the central Alameda de Hércules?

Is about Immaculate House, the lucky one Canal Sur journalist that occupies the heart of folk music for more than two decades.

Born in Barcelona

Immaculate House was born on February 15, 1964 in Barcelona, but from a very young age she went to live in Seville with her family. She studied Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid, where she graduated in 1988. Although she has worked in various media, where she has been most successful has been in the TV. She herself assures that it is in this environment where she has “cut her teeth”.

Their beginnings were in Telesur, where he hosted a talk show. He also appeared on RTVE at the end of the 1980s, in a program called ‘Andalucía Junta’. until in 1990 arrived at Canal Surwhere she has worked on several programs: from news, where she covered information on courts and the Royal House, to entertainment, being a presenter and producing ‘Contraportada’ and ‘Deluxe’.

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He has also directed and presented various specials, such as Canal Sur’s ‘Fair Specials’, as he tells in his own website: ‘Inmaculada Casal, the blog of an Andalusian journalist’.

It is currently Head of Society of Canal Sur TV, and, in addition, the journalist is also very active on social media.

At the Dior show

In her latest post on Instagram, for example, she is seen happily attending the spectacular Dior fashion show in Seville, just a week ago. In addition to taking a selfie with the ‘top’ she MacPhersonone of the vip faces who attended the presentation of the Cruise 2023 collection in Seville’s Plaza de España, in another snapshot he also shares a plane with his girlfriend, Maria del Monte, 60 years old.


In the same social network you can guess the tastes of the blonde journalist, who, according to ‘Vozpópuli’ He has two children, Santos and Teresa.from a previous relationship. For his ‘timeline’, to Inmaculada she loves flowers and traveling. She loves Seville, Holy Week, the April Fair and El Rocío.

In addition, for 23 years he has shared his life with the ‘queen of Sevillanas’, with whom he has lived happy moments and also other more bitter ones, such as the death of Maria del Monte’s mother, Bibiana Algaba, who died in August 2021 at the age of 95, as well as the loss of two brothers as a result of the coronavirus. The singer lost three of her loved ones in just a year and a half.

‘My love has no name’

The singer had never been so explicit about her sexual condition, but she had previously dropped some clues. In countless interviews she has made it clear that his intimacy was absolutely private land. But in her songs she has sung about love very clearly. In one of them, ‘My love has no name’from the same year 1988 as his biggest ‘hit’, ‘Sing me’, says in his lyrics that he will not refer to the person he loves using a gender, neither male nor female. Instead, she uses the word “love”, just as Maria has used the word “partner” in many interviews, to avoid more explicit answers.

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Friendship with Pantoja

For many years, María del Monte has been asked about her partners, especially since her friendship with Isabel Pantoja occupied covers and gossip magazines. The two liked to give the paparazzi more fodder for a while, and they didn’t hold back when it came to posing hand in hand at many events and even bathed together on the beach.

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