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Why has María del Monte now “come out” of the closet?


This past Thursday, June 23, the singer Mary of the Mount has been the protagonist in Seville Gay Pride and has given a speech with which he has decided to open up to the public and stop hiding his sexual orientation: “I want you to know, before I get off here, that I am one more person of those who are here. And that, of course, my partner is here,” he said during the LGTBIQ+ pride proclamation of the Seville capital.

The couple in question is Immaculate Housecurrent head of the Society of South Channel TV, and the relationship between the two began 23 years ago. For this reason, some wonder why María del Monte has now decided “come out of the closet”, at the age of 60.

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The version that has generated the most consensus is that the singer wanted to take discretion his love life for his mother, Bibiana Algabawhom he would have wanted to “protect” from possible homophobic attacks that he could witness, despite the fact that Algaba did know of his daughter’s sexual orientation. However, as the woman he died last year, everything would point to the fact that María del Monte no longer had reasons not to take the step.

Likewise, the homosexuality of María del Monte was always an open secret, as stated by the ‘Mamarazzis’ of EL PERIÓDICO, Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, who remember the time of “special friendship” she had with Isabel Pantojaand the mythical photographs that Diego Arrabal took of the two tonadilleras playing on the beach.

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