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Woman celebrates its 30th anniversary in Ibiza with a parade starring 14 fashion creators Adlib


Judit Mascó was in charge of opening the Woman Ibiza Parade with which this iconic international magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary and that also featured on the catwalk with other great Spanish ‘top models’: Martina Klein, Veronica Blume and Laura Sanchezwho showed the 2023 collections of 14 designers of the Adlib Ibiza brand. the too model and DJ Cristina Tosio was in charge of putting the soundtrack to the parade.

The act, in which they acted as hosted by the president and vice president of Iberian PressJavier Moll and Arantza Sarasolawho delivered the opening speech of the event, was attended by the president of the Balearic Government, Francina Armengol; of the president of the Insular Council of Ibiza, Vincent Mari and the mayor of the city of Ibiza, Raphael Ruizamong other authorities. Directors of Prensa Ibérica and representatives of the business and social world of Ibiza also joined this party with fashion.

The parade, which took place in the gardens of Diario de Ibiza, was presented by the journalist Silvia Tomás and was also attended by popular characters such as Mar Flores, Rubén Cortada, Fonsi Nieto, Helen Lindes, Esther Doña, Carla Hinojosa, María José Suárez, Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, Sonia Ferrer, Nerea Garmendia or Fiona Ferrer, among others, who did not want to miss this national meeting.

The Consell Insular de Ibiza, Adlib Ibiza, Ibiza Travel, Toyota, Iberia Express, Catrice Cosmetics, Real Techniques, Instax Instant Photography, Newblue, Ziaja, Gold Collagen, Grupo Pacha Y Rowenta were the main sponsors of a parade that, paying homage to the slogan and spirit of Ibizan fashion, demonstrated the quality and craftsmanship of the Adlib Ibiza brand, internationally known for its freedom and good taste. “Values ​​that are the same ones that we have been defending for 30 years at Woman with a benchmark, serious journalism that values ​​Spanish brands,” said the director of this magazine, Mayka Sanchezwho closed this parade together with the top ones that have occupied many of its covers.

Magazine Woman thus celebrated its 30th anniversary with a parade in Ibiza Diary organized by the Iberian Press Groupto which both publications belong, in which 14 designers from the Adlib Ibiza brand participated, sponsored by the Consell Insular. Elisa Pomar, S72 Hat, Estrivancus, Dolors Miró Ibiza, Espardenyes Torres, K de Kose kose, Piluca Bayarri, Monika Maxim Ibiza, Ivanna Mestres, Ibiza Stones, Virginia Vald, Vintage Ibiza, Tony Bonet and Ibimodawho showed a total of 36 models Mediterranean inspired.

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Woman magazine was born in Barcelona in 1992 and is the only monthly fashion publication created in Barcelona, ​​which has grown every year in newsstands to become the leading Spanish fashion and beauty magazine that reflects ‘the luxury of being a woman ‘. On its 30th anniversary as a media outlet specializing in the latest lifestyle trends, Woman has sought to show the power and quality of handcrafted garments and accessories with an exclusive parade starring this firm with designation of origin.

The SS23 designs of the Woman catwalk

The designer Elisa Pomar opened the parade with her collection ‘Prodigal daughters of Ibiza’an ode to the magic and energy of the island that has seen the designer born and grow, both personally and professionally, in which she presented handcrafted jewelery made with gold and white silver, highlighting fine filigree and color.

S72HAT presented its most personal collection, ‘Victoria’a selection of natural straw and felt hats, made with gemstones and lace, in which embroidered ribbons predominated.

ARTTemporal’ was the name that accompanied the unique and exclusive Ibizan ‘espardenyes’ of Estrivancusbased on natural fibers and plant dyes worked by hand, in which he incorporated colors such as midnight blue and pine green.

The designer Dolors Miro Ibizawho stands out for recovering the craftsmanship of the traditional ‘senallons’, presented ‘Sentiment Eivissenc’, a reinterpretation of bags, baskets and baskets, turning them into exclusive accessories thanks to the use of lace, pearls, embroidery and applied paper.

Espardenyes Torres bet on reinvent and update traditional footwear farmer with bridal and evening proposals thanks to his masterful use of wedges and decorative resources such as flowers, which gave life to his ‘Genesis’ collection.

K for Kose kosethe most avant-garde label of the Adlib family, gave life to ‘Antología Ad libitum’, a journey through the most iconic looks of the firm, in which they paid homage to the avant-garde, folklore and traditions of the island, with contemporary accessories and signature headgear.

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Piluca Bayarri expressed his concept of freedom with ‘Ibiza Arcoíris’, a collection of versatile garments in which he merged his Resort, Tenerife, Safari, La Palma and Malibu collections, full of transparent textures and color, which symbolized glamour, seduction and freedom .

Monika Maxim Ibiza presented its ‘Sargantana’ collection, inspired by the Ibizan style and the traditional costumes of the island’s folklore, with white fabrics full of lace, bobbin and crochet.

‘Dancing with jellyfish’ was the particular tribute that the designer Ivanna Mestres made the marine universe, through garments with strip cuts both in skirts and sleeves, and with vaporous fabrics that imitated an authentic dance with jellyfish.

‘Timeless sunset’ was the set of garments presented by the firm Ibiza Stonesin which fluid and airy silhouettes predominated, decorated with rhinestones and shiny studs, and in which the golden tones of the so-called “Ibicencan blue hour” were given special prominence.

With ‘Kenia’, the designer Virginia Vald recreated her travels around the African continent with garments made from recycled fabrics to advocate for responsible fashion consumption, where silk, tulle and brocaded embroidery with rhinestones gave life to a collection in which each piece represented an animal.

Vintage Ibiza presented ‘Brave Heart’, a collection made up of style dresses boho chic with an Adlib air that reflected luxury, passion and romanticism, along with masculine creations for bohemian and informal men.

‘Yo femina’ was the particular tribute to the ‘bridal’ universe of Tony Bonet, who, respecting his purest roots, opted for groundbreaking and transgressive mixes, with a very careful pattern design focused on lace patchwork.

For its part, the firm ibimoda ibizawho has been dedicated to the world of pattern making and clothing for more than 25 years, was the firm in charge of closing this parade with its ‘Estels’ collection, inspired by the fields, coasts and sunsets of Ibiza, through fabrics such as guipure or the ‘voile’, with romantic cuts and floral details.

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