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you to Miami, I to Sanxenxo


With the hangover still from the cover of the Infanta Cristina and Antonio Resines together in the magazine ‘Semana’, we are now assimilating the resounding arrival of the former king Don Juan Carlos from Bourbon to Sanxenxo. To the ‘Welcome, Mister Marshall‘, the emeritus landed in Spain on Thursday afternoon, after 654 days in exile, banished and escaped to Abu Dhabi. Bathing crowds, posing for the press and smiles everywhere. From his pending case for harassment in the Supreme Court of London nobody remembers in Sanxenxo.

For a very few days, he has not celebrated his 60th wedding anniversary in the company of what is still his wife, Queen Sofia. May 14 marked the 60th anniversary of their three weddings in Athens; Yes three. If undoing a real marriage is very complicated, imagine the laziness that must cause them to undo three. And so we continue, with a marital history with hardly any coexistence during the last decade and with no divorce in sight. She is neither there nor is she expected.

The infanta “happy and excited”

And the same week of the return of the prodigal king to Spanish lands and that the Queen Sofia flew (and fled) to Miami to fulfill his institutional role, we have come across in the magazines with the infanta Cristina enjoying her bachelorhood. The magazine ‘Hola’ sells her to us “smiling, happy and excited” in a public act in which she has been honored along with the athletes from our country who participated in the Calgary and Seoul 88 Games, where the sister of Philip VI participated as flag bearer. But for the mamarazzis, the top image of the week is, without a doubt, the one in which she appears together with Antonio Resines leaving a party at night in Madrid. Everyone in shock! For a few seconds, we let our imagination run wild and thought that Resines was Cristina’s new ‘crush’, what a fantasy! The reality is much more boring and it turns out that The actor’s wife, the film producer Ana Pérez-Lorente, is a childhood friend of the infantas Cristina and Elena, Hence, Resines frequents the daughter of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía.

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Just four months ago Cristina’s life took a radical turn and interrupted her marital relationship. Four months that have made her the most desired objective by the paparazzi of this country. Any photograph of her accompanied by a man will be a coveted piece and will be raffled off in magazines and colorin programs. It was in January 1993 when the paparazzi photographed the infanta Cristina for the first time with her boyfriend at the time, the ill-fated athlete Alvaro Bulto. That “stolen” photographic report of the two skiing together in the Arán Valley cost the magazine ‘Hola’ ten million old pesetas. Instead, the first photographs of the Infanta with Urdangarin They did not have so much pull because they were provided to the press after the news of the romance was leaked. Poor guy who gets close to the Infanta Cristina this summer because she doesn’t save her from a cover.

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Victoria Federica, without a boyfriend but not sad

And while the infanta Cristina is published and promoted exultant with happiness, we have her niece Victoria Federica recently broken down and without a boyfriend. The young woman is single again after three years of relationship with Dj Barcenas. ‘Vic’ has returned to his mother’s house because, according to ‘Hola’ magazine, “although the two continued to do their part for a promising future together, their feelings have ended up cooling down.” What a wonderful text, colleagues But, no, don’t suffer for Victoria, judging by her busy schedule of trips, bullfights and Instagram posts, she isn’t very sad.

We are finishing a very intense week for the king’s family, former royal family, and we look forward to the calendar so that Monday arrives as soon as possible and Don Juan Carlos travels to Madrid to meet with King Felipe VI and Doña Sofía. A “family reunion”, according to Zarzuela. Nice hot potato. Yes, this Monday an appointment has been set for the emeritus couple and there has been no other reunion more anticipated and longed for than thisWith the permission of Bisbal and Chenoa, of course. Will there be a cobra too?

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